AFI “Missing Man” EP

Working with AFI on the Missing Man EP was an exhilarating milestone in my career as their recording engineer. This was my first time working with the band and meeting Adam, Hunter and Jade. They already had a studio in mind, and I had no way to steer the session to my live tracking studio Dave’s Room, my responsibility was to create and capture amazing sounding drums, and bass tracks. Adam and Hunter were not just exceptional musicians; they were fantastic to work with, instantly establishing a camaraderie that made the entire process feel like friends all helping to lift the project together.

Stepping into the studio, I was met with a different Neve console – the 8068, unlike the 8028 I was accustomed to at Sound City. Some channels weren’t cooperating, prompting quick thinking to ensure the production stayed seamless. Adapting on the go is part and parcel of the game. (Industry jargon alert “the work around”) My Pro Acs on the meter bridge to help gain quick familiarity to the control room. (I bring my monitors and amp everywhere, a trick Dave Bianco taught me to keeping recordings consistent)

We were fortunate to have an entire week dedicated solely to drums and bass. Adam brought in Mike Fasano, an outstanding drum tech (and Person, I have known Fasano since my days at Sound City) armed with an impressive array of snares and kicks. It felt like a playground of drum sounds, allowing us to select the perfect tones for each track, enriching our recordings with added depth.

After locking in the drum tracks, it was Hunter’s turn to shine with his Ampeg SVT, a Marshall amp, and a collection of fuzz and distortion pedals. His bass lines seamlessly intertwined with Adam’s beats, resulting in us nailing those bass tracks in record time.

During the release of the Missing Man EP, there was a buzz when all photos of AFI frontman Davey Havok vanished from the band’s Instagram, and a new press photo emerged without him – only a silhouette was present, sparking rumors about his departure. Thankfully, that rumor turned out to be false.

Then, on October 16, 2018, the band dropped a bombshell – a surprise release of a new single called “Get Dark.” Following that, on November 30, 2018, they unleashed another single, “Trashbats,” heightening the anticipation and excitement surrounding the EP.

This collaboration was more than just capturing sounds; it was an immersive journey fueled by creativity and musical synergy. Working on the Missing Man EP with AFI wasn’t just a task; it was a shared passion to craft an experience that echoed the band’s essence and the soul of the music. 

AFI “Bodies”The band’s highly anticipated 11th studio album Released June 11, 2021

Finally! After months of teasing us with just a couple of tracks at a time, AFI has released Bodies, their newest effort since the Missing Man EP. 

This super talented quartet has created a high energy, diverse collection of songs. Together with Adam, Jade and Hunter I worked to get some awesome drums recorded for this album at my studio, Dave’s Room.

The band returned to the studio In May 2021 and tracked live for a special Daniel P. Carter BBC Radio 1 Session.

As Elana Chris says for Alternative Press:

“Make no mistake: Bodies brings with it serious divergences from the AFI we last heard in 2018. But divergence is precisely where they thrive. The record, though far-reaching, is hardly a haphazard attempt to reclaim the spirit of the ’80s. Rather, it’s a carefully curated exhibition of the band’s diverse inclinations. Now 11 albums into their tenure, they refuse to stagnate. Where their creative process leads, they follow with utmost enthusiasm and commitment, favoring self-loyalty over arbitrary confines of genre. The new era is beckoning—will you hear it?”