Indie 1-Stop

Check out this compilation of some of the independent artists that I produced, engineered and mixed, or solely mixed. Each of these artists own their own masters and any of these tunes can be used for one-stop shopping for music in film, television, video games, etc. I can also provide instrumentals if needed. Please reach out to me for additional information. 

Be sure to check back periodically to hear what new material I have added to Indie 1 Stop. 


Billy Ruben and the Elevated Enzymes-Brand new release- psychedelic, garage rock, Richard Hell, Cramps, Stooges

Lewis- 90’s flavored indie rock, jangley, fresh, youthful

Stavesacre- 90s Alternative hard rock band with drive and edge, accessible vocal

Fuzz Evil- Fun pop flavored witty, fuzzy stoner rock, accessible vocal

The Lost Chorus- Modern indie rock, soaring choruses, very accessible vocals

CJ Ray- Modern Rock, edgey, driving, accessible vocal

*** Sweet Surrender is a cover and is not 1 Stop.

Zach Jones- Classic sound, alt rock , pop, soul, upbeat, fun, and witty, very accessible vocal

Peek!- Brazilian influence, tropicalia, bossa, indie rock, smooth easy, and cool

Cemetery- Death Metal from Germany, classic old school hard driving metal

Ironaut- Modern, progressive, Sludgy, psychedelic, stoner doom

The Lost Weekend- Hipster alt country Rock, Rolling Stones type country rock, fun driving, classic rock

Holloys- Modern indie rock, dance beats, synths

Below are tracks from Los Angeles based band Bluebird when I was a member of the band.

Bluebird- LA Alternative hard rock, psychedelic, edgy, feel good , atmospheric