Fuzz Fever: The Making of Fuzz Evil’s “High on You”

Gem of a record “High On You”

After completing my work with Fireball Ministry, Jim Rota recommended a band to me for their upcoming record. They were seeking a producer/engineer, but at the time, I was committed to my duties in Seattle on Alice in Chains’ “Rainier Fog.” Despite my busy schedule, I managed to find some time to explore this potential future project. Upon contacting Wayne and Joey Rudell, the core of the band Fuzz Evil from Bisbee, Arizona, and reviewing their previous works, I was thoroughly impressed by their solid songs. With Jim Rota’s endorsement backing them, I made the decision to take on the project.

Pre production at Underbrow

Over the next few months, Fuzz Evil, the three-piece stoner doom band with pop aesthetics, shared demos and performance videos of their new material with me. I meticulously reviewed each song, carefully noting their strengths and weaknesses, and engaged in numerous phone discussions with the band regarding arrangements and parts. As we neared completion of the demos, I arranged for us to record live at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 for two days, with the goal of capturing as much as possible before returning to my production studio, Underbrow, located at Angel City Drum Works.

FIG’S Sound Workshop Series 34B custom center section

Our pre-production sessions at Underbrow involved the band rehearsing in my compact tracking room to refine Orgo Martinez’s drum parts, ensuring they were focused and impactful for our Studio 606 session. Fuzz Evil’s infectious sense of humor provided moments of levity amidst our intense work.

606 with Sound City Neve 8028

Upon our arrival at Studio 606, we wasted no time and immediately began tracking drums, bass, and guitar. Orgo selected a custom DW kit from Angel City to record with, while I set up my preferred microphones for tracking. With the legendary Sound City desk contributing to our sound, we efficiently recorded the bulk of the material within hours, including doubling the guitar tracks after comping our best takes.

Joey and Orgo during live tracking

The following day, we concluded our Studio 606 session, having completed the last two songs as planned and packed it all up. Upon returning to Underbrow, we seamlessly transitioned into overdubs and vocals. Equipped with my 32-io HDX Pro Tools rig, mix rack, alongside the Sound Workshop Series 34 console, and custom Yamaha PM1000, we had three days to finalize the project

Orgo crushing drums

The ensuing days at Underbrow were a whirlwind of creativity and camaraderie, with jokes punctuating our intense focus on perfecting each song. One memorable moment occurred when I demonstrated a guitar idea to Wayne, which ended up being incorporated into the record after he was impressed by my impromptu atonal doodle.

Underbrow- Sound Workshop Series 34B and Yamaha PM1000

I cherished the dynamic energy of working with Fuzz Evil, a young and highly focused band, both in crafting an excellent record and forging a lasting friendship.

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