FIG’s Gear Highlights:

Discovering exceptional tools has been a highlight of my year for 2023, and I’m thrilled to share some exciting finds with you. First up is the Alpha DI by JT Amplification – a true gem for any recording enthusiast. The time and meticulous process of selecting the transformer, designing the unit, and providing versatile tonal options reflects the dedication poured into this DI. When it comes to bass, the Alpha DI delivers precisely what I want to hear, offering a gain knob for driving the tube stage and tone switches to sculpt your sound. Explore more about JT Amplification’s Alpha DI for a closer look at this indispensable recording tool.   

JT Amplifications: ALPHA DI Top View
JT Amplifications: ALPHA DI front view
JT Amplifications: ALPHA DI rear view
Watch Joe Barresi take you through all the options

Turning our attention to microphones, Austrian Audio has been a game-changer for alternative tom mic placements in drum kits. The Austrian Audio OD5 and Austrian Audio OC7 have been dreams come true, providing effortless placement and stunning sound. However, the real magic happened when I got my hands on the Austrian Audio OC818 – a fantastic choice for capturing overheads, whether accessing the back capsule or not. Austrian Audio is not only advancing capsule design and technology but also offering innovative plugins like PolarPilot and AmbiCreator, solidifying their unique position in the Pro Audio industry. 

For more information about these amazing microphones please visit:

Tama Iron Works Studio Series Low Profile

Now, let’s delve into a crucial yet often overlooked element: the mic stand. During a drum session with Kenny Aronoff at Sunset Sound, I was introduced to the new Tama Ironworks Studio Series Mic Stand, and I instantly geeked out over their brilliance. The weight, locking mechanism, and meticulous design of these stands stood out. Whether you’re meticulously placing an SM57 on a snare or setting up a vintage 251 for vocals, you can trust that the mic will stay securely in place, preventing any mishaps that could damage your recording equipment. Cheers to the often unsung heroes of the studio – the reliable and innovative mic stands by Tama. And considering Tama’s extensive experience in creating drum hardware, who better to design an over-the-top mic stand than them? It’s a testament to their legacy of excellence in the world of audio equipment.

Tama Iron Works Studio Series Clutch Hub (The Gem of this mic stand!)

Tama Iron Works Studio Series Mic Stand

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