Strings and Stories: An Engineer’s Journey from Sound City to Stone Sour

My connection with Stone Sour and the origins of my freelance engineering journey are intertwined with a history that extends beyond the confines of the studio. Before my tenure at Sound City, I had the privilege of extensively touring with my band AMEN, forming lasting connections with the members of Slipknot.

This pre-existing relationship set the stage for a pivotal moment when producer Nick Raskulinecz (also a Sound City alum) reached out to me. We had just worked together on his production with The Exies. His call invited me to engineer guitar tracks for Stone Sour at Dave Grohl’s 606 studio.Excitedly accepting, I couldn’t help but reflect on the shared history with Slipknot, having toured together on notable occasions such as the MachineHead/Coal Chamber ‘Livin La Vida Loco’ tour and ‘Tattoo the Earth.

Upon arriving at 606, I found myself immersed in the creative process alongside Josh Rand and Jim Root as we worked on overdubbing main rhythm guitars. The familiarity and camaraderie developed over the years, both in the studio and on the road, created a unique dynamic that fueled our collaborative efforts.

The journey continued as we faced challenges during bassoverdubs, where precision in tuning became crucial. While Nick focused on vocal tracks with Corey Taylor, our dedication to achieving the desired sound became evident. Nick’s high standards pushed us to exceed expectations, and his occasional feedback, like “Hey, that sounds pitchy,” became a motivator rather than a hurdle.

Delving into the recording process allowed us to witness the technical skills of Jim Root and Josh as they laid down guitar solos. The band’s enthusiasm, coupled with Nick’s approval, not only marked the success of the project but also opened doors for future opportunities in the dynamic world of freelance engineering.

Beyond the studio accomplishments, the experience with Stone Sour became a reunion with former tour mates from the world of AMEN and Slipknot. The journey from shared stages to collaborative studio sessions created a full-circle moment that deeply aligns with my passion for music and the bonds formed along the way.

For Stone Sour, this record earned Gold certification and achieved Platinum status in 2017. I am Proud of my friends from Slipknot, Jim Root, Corey Taylor, Shawn Economaki as well as Josh Rand and Roy Mayorga

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