Inside Coheed’s Epic: A Dive into the Making of “Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow”

In 2023, Coheed and Cambria marked a monumental celebration of their 2007 masterpiece, “Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow,” with a tour, performing the album in its entirety. They played the illustrious Hollywood Palladium on October 7 and I caught the show. The evening was nothing short of epic, delivering the exceptional performance that fans have come to expect from Coheed.

This remarkable performance reignited a real connection I have with this album. It served as a powerful catalyst, drawing me back into the album’s production and recalling vivid memories of our time in the studio.

Fig, Nick, and Claudio in the middle of it

In 2007, Coheed and Cambria’s upcoming record was highly anticipated. When producer Nick Raskulinecz extended an invitation to me to join the recording process as engineer, it marked a departure from my routine and continued a new chapter for me after my tenure at Sound City. The band congregated at Cole’s Rehearsal in Hollywood, where I was introduced to Claudio Sanchez, Michael Todd, Travis Stever, and the unexpected addition of Foo Fighters’ drummer, Taylor Hawkins.

Claudio, adding some sparkling acoustic guitars

The Pass Studio was selected for the recording. It boasted Neve 8078s in both the tracking and mix rooms; a striking contrast to Sound City’s practical ambiance. The unconventional shape of the tracking room, with its soaring ceilings, proved instrumental in capturing pristine and focused drum sounds while maintaining impeccable instrument isolation. Meanwhile in the control room, the louder we turned up the 8078 the more bass frequencies were attenuated. It challenged us to trust our ears at lower volumes.

Michael Todd laying it down

Nick’s meticulous preproduction laid the groundwork for an exceptional record. The collective musical prowess of the band was extraordinary. Witnessing Claudio’s precision as he flawlessly laid down vocals and guitars was nothing short of enlightening. Michael Todd’s bass mastery was awe-inspiring, effortlessly maneuvering with his fingers. Travis and I often found ourselves immersed in guitar melodies and solos whenever the mixing room was available. His musical dexterity complemented his amiable nature, making the creative process immensely enjoyable.

Travis, adding some additional melodies

Taylor played a vital role on “Good Apollo, I’m BurningStar IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow.” When Chris Pennie couldn’t record due to contract issues, Nick tapped Taylor to step in and he brought a whole new vibe. In just three weeks, he nailed the intricate tunes, adding his own magic to each track. His drumming was top-notch, handling the album’s complex beats like the pro that he was. In only three weeks, he seamlessly assimilated Coheed and Cambria’s intricate compositions and his adaptability and effortless execution were truly remarkable.

Taylor Hawkins in studio during the tracking of  “No World For Tomorrow”

It was great to reconnect with the band at their October 7thshow and to hear this amazing album live again. To date, the 2007 recording session with Coheed and Cambria remains one of the most artistically and technically satisfying projects I’ve ever worked on. I’m still hoping they will make it out the west coast to do a new record again.

All above images taken from Youtube Video “Coheed and Cambria – The Making Of No World For Tomorrow” 

Watch Claudio’s Video Coheed and Cambria – The Making Of No World For Tomorrow 

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  1. I still find that to be the strongest album them have. On every level they showed up. Killer textured songs, great riffs, and the sound is amazing. I also hear many references to the bands musical heros. I am stoked and not surprised that Paul helped achieve this stellar sounding juggernaut of an album. BRAVO!

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