Filth is Eternal-Find Out

Seattle Band, Underground, Punk, Power Violence, Hardcore

Filth is Eternal’s “Find Out” is an especially important record for me because it was created by young, focused, and talented musicians who are expressing their experience of the world through their music.  Filth is Eternal has a brand of visceral heaviness that brings me back to my days of destruction as the guitarist of punk/metal band Amen. Screaming out their angst, Lis D’Angelo’s  lyrics are nearly austere in their emotive passion and intensity.  The (often underground) venues full of punks lucky enough to absorb this experience are striving to find meaning and a stake in this crazy world. 

Lis and crew deliver full on burners of eclectic and dark landscapes and critics are on board.

On their third album, Seattle punk band Filth Is Eternal rips through 14 songs in a lean 29 minutes, leaving only scorched earth in their wake. They’re adept as ever at sledgehammering their way through rapid-fire hardcore workouts, but on Find Out, they’re doing it with more nuance and melody than ever before.

-Brad Sanders, Album of the Day, Bandcamp

Somehow, it’s even more thrilling than what’s come before.Compared to the brutalist rapid-fire of 2020’s Suffrage and 2021’s Love Is A Lie, Filth Is Eternal, the increased polish on Find Out only sharpens its serrated cutting-edge, and by the time the unhinged Last Exit careers into relatively epic closer Loveless, any doubts will have been carved to bits.

With 14 tracks blurring by in well under half an hour with zero fucking around, of course, you’re left wanting more. But that’s the point. Filth Is Eternal, and they’re still just getting started.

-Sam Law, Kerrang!

For as much as I love Filth is Eternal’s early years, it feels like Find Out marks a true maturation past those former limits while still employing that early D-beat sound to get its point across when necessary. It’s less an unbreakable tenet for the band and more an employable tool, like a set of brass knuckles they can put on at any point. Shit, they don’t even have to hit you with them either, the presence is likely enough to set the tone just as they do on stage when they perform. Find Out is great, and could be named as such as a premonition of sorts to listeners that we will find out what they’re capable of with this album.

-David Rodriguez, Everything is Noise

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