Jerry Cantrell releases Siren Song ahead of Album Release due October 29th

I am excited to announce Jerry Cantrell’s third single “Siren Song” before the release of his new Album Brighten – available worldwide October 29th.

Produced by Jerry Cantrell, Paul Fig, and Tyler Bates.

Engineered by Paul Fig

Mixed by Joe Barresi

An epic monster of a song from finger picked acoustic guitars to the slippery melodies weaving in and out of heavy driving guitars, and an wide ranging emotional vocal performance from Jerry.

Available on all streaming platforms you can order the single here

This is what Buddy Iahn from The Music Universe says:

Brighten album is due Oct 29th

Alice In Chains co-founder Jerry Cantrell releases “Siren Song”, the third and final song before next week’s release of his project, Brighten, due October 29th.

“Siren Song” begins with a soft, finger-picked acoustic guitar, as a lead into the heavy distorted sound that follows. Cantrell’s soaring vocals take listeners on an epic journey, “She don’t lie she walks on. A passerby in a dream. You feel as though it’ll never die. In my dark you are the light. Funny how the feeling never goes. When I’m wrong you are the right. Carry the memory in my soul.”

Over the past year, Cantrell co-produced Brighten with film composer Tyler Bates [300, John Wick], and Paul Fig (long-time engineer). Reflecting a classic spirit, they welcomed a dynamic cast of supporting players including, Duff McKagan [Guns N’ Roses, Loaded] on select bass tracks, Greg Puciato [Dillinger Escape Plan] contributing to backing vocals and drummers Gil Sharone and Abe Laboriel, Jr. (Paul McCartney). Additional musicians on the album include, pedal steel master Michael Rozon, Vincent Jones on piano, Wurlitzer, and organ, Jordan Lewis on piano, Matias Ambrogi-Torres on strings, and Lola Bates on select additional backing vocals. Joe Barresi [Tool, Queens of the Stone Age] handled the mixing of Brighten.

Cantrell will embark on a North American tour on March 24, 2022 in support of the project. Tickets are on sale now via Ticketmaster.

The tour kicks off at the legendary First Avenue in Minneapolis and will wind its way across the country hitting major cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, NY, Philadelphia, Seattle and Los Angeles to name a few.

Gibson Custom Shop recently announced the release of the limited edition Jerry Cantrell “Wino” Les Paul Custom guitar, the guitar marks the first official collaboration with Gibson luthiers and the legendary singer, songwriter, guitarist, who signed with the company in January 2020.

Here is Brighten’s Title track featuring Abe Laboriel Jr, Vincent Jones, Greg Pucitato, an Tyler Bates.  “Brighten” Official Video Directed by Gilbert Trejo.


Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains Announces First New Solo Album in Over 18 Years Brighten for October 2021 Release

I am proud to announce the release of Jerry Cantrell’s new album Brighten.

We worked hard on this record over 2020, and 2021 and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. The release date is October 29, 2021.

We tracked a majority of all guitars acoustic and electric at my recording studio Dave’s Room, while wrapping up vocals and extra overdub guitars at his home studio.

Produced by Jerry Cantrell, Paul Fig and Tyler Bates

Mixed my Joe Barresi

Here is what Jerry Morales from has to say about Brighten:

Jerry Cantrell, co-founder and lead guitarist of Alice In Chains, has announced that he will be releasing his first solo album in over 18 years titled Brighten on October 29. The musician dropped the project’s lead single “Atone” and its music video on July 30.

The album will feature eight original songs and a cover of Elton John’s “Goodbye,” the closing track off of John’s 1971 album Madman Across The Water. Cantrell co-produced the album with engineer Paul Fig and film composer Tyler Bates. The project will feature prominent rock musicians like Gun N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan and Abe Laboriel Jr. on drums. 

Madman Across The Water is one of my favorite records of all time,” Cantrell said about covering John’s “Goodbye.” “Out of respect to Elton, I wouldn’t include it unless he said it was okay…so I reached out to Elton, he listened to it, and told me ‘You should absolutely use it.’ I got the signoff by the man himself. I couldn’t think of a better way to close the record!”

Cantrell’s last solo project was a double album titled Degradation Trip Volumes 1 & 2 that dropped in 2002. Since then, Cantrell has continued to perform with Alice in Chains. The band’s latest project, Rainier Fog, was released in August 2018. 

“I’ve been in the band for almost 34 years now,” said Cantrell about Brighten. “It’s always my first and foremost commitment, but it’s nice to explore different things and add another chapter to a growing body of work. After the last AIC tour wrapped, I geared my mind towards the possibility of making another record of my own.”

“Atone” features a more Americana sound with Cantrell’s twangy vocals and aggressive guitars. The black and white music video displays Cantrell walking around locations like the iconic Joshua Tree and the Salton Sea.

“Atone” is available everywhere. To pre-order Brighten, click here.

Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Previews New Solo Album With ‘Atone’

Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Previews New Solo Album With ‘Atone’.

I am so excited about this record. I had been silently working on this record with Jerry since he got off tour with Alice in Chains in September 2019.

Check out the link for the video of new single from Jerry Cantrell ATONE

Produced by Jerry Cantrell, Paul Fig, and Tyler Bates, Mixed by Joe Barresi

Rock On!!!

Billy Ruben and the Elevated Enzymes

A little while back an old friend of mine from high school, David Martin,asked if he could refer someone from Arkansas to me for help with his “studio and music stuff”.  I’m always game to hear music and meet new people, so I agreed to talk. Well, it turned out that what this guy really wanted was help with music he had already recorded – he needed someone to listen, critique, and mix. I asked him to send me what he had so that I could listen and get back to him. Well, after clearing my ears of a few back-to-back projects, I finally had a chance to dive into his repertoire. I’ll admit, I had some “Arkansas” preconceptions that might have made me a little skeptical about what I would be hearing, but the more I listened to the rough mixes Billy Ruben and the Elevated Enzymes sent, the more intrigued and enthused I became. By the time I had listened through a few times, I was pretty fired up by the well-crafted, high-energy, garage-rock-psychedelic amalgam Billy and crew had come up with. These tracks remind me of early Richard Hell, Stooges, Scene Creamers, and The Cramps… and I had to ask, “tell me what I can do to help!”  The reply was that the band was looking for a mix engineer –and given the groovy stuff I was hearing, I was ready to get in there and shake/sharpen/some stuff up (or I jumped right in, I signed right on). First I needed to chisel down the list  of eleven songs to four and create an interesting cross section of what Billy Rubens and the Elevated Enzymes are. To me these were the first of the bunch to introduce the world to.

I’m going to share “EP 1” with you. It’s a boisterous journey through 4 songs with Billy Ruben and the Elevated Enzymes. These four tunes will take you through the landscape of their imagination and remind you of how much fun music can be.

AFI “Bodies”The band’s highly anticipated 11th studio album Released June 11, 2021

Finally! After months of teasing us with just a couple of tracks at a time, AFI has released Bodies, their newest effort since the Missing Man EP. 

This super talented quartet has created a high energy, diverse collection of songs. Together with Adam, Jade and Hunter I worked to get some awesome drums recorded for this album at my studio, Dave’s Room.

The band returned to the studio In May 2021 and tracked live for a special Daniel P. Carter BBC Radio 1 Session.

As Elana Chris says for Alternative Press:

“Make no mistake: Bodies brings with it serious divergences from the AFI we last heard in 2018. But divergence is precisely where they thrive. The record, though far-reaching, is hardly a haphazard attempt to reclaim the spirit of the ’80s. Rather, it’s a carefully curated exhibition of the band’s diverse inclinations. Now 11 albums into their tenure, they refuse to stagnate. Where their creative process leads, they follow with utmost enthusiasm and commitment, favoring self-loyalty over arbitrary confines of genre. The new era is beckoning—will you hear it?”


Here is a fun tune I had the chance to mix for Phil demmel and crew.

as says:

March 8, 2021

Former MACHINE HEAD and current VIO-LENCE guitarist Phil Demmel has teamed up with singer Russell Allen (SYMPHONY XADRENALINE MOBTRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA), drummer Stix Zadinia (STEEL PANTHER) and bassist David Ellefson (MEGADETH) to record a “quarantine” cover version of the DOKKEN song “Tooth And Nail” as part of Phil‘s series “Collab-A-Jam”.

Phil uploaded the video to his YouTube channel, writing in an accompanying message: “Me and Stix has been wanting to jam on something for awhile and finally had the opportunity on one of my favorite tunes from this era.

STEEL PANTHER took over the [MACHINE HEAD] practice gear in Germany after our sets at the Rock Am Park Festival in 2012 and were slaying a bunch of DOKKEN covers. This had to be one we did.

“I had realized that Dave hadn’t guested on a [‘Collab-A-Jam’] yet so he was a no-brainer. Dave and I have the same mind-set as things go and he’s one of my favorites in the business. Always quick with the tracks and loves to get things done.

Russell was the final piece and came through big. Such a huge talent and gave the song all the sprinkles.

Paul Fig has been such a rad connection through all of this and beefed up our mix while Wayne Marsala is always on point with the vid edits.

AFI Releases “Looking Tragic” and “Begging For Trouble” From Upcoming Album, “Bodies”

I tracked all the drums for AFI’s new album “Bodies” at Dave’s Room. I’m really looking forward to hearing the entire record when it comes out this June (2021).

Check out the video and track list below.

Here is what Josh Chesler from SPIN Magazine says:

Last month, AFI announced that they’d be releasing their 11th studio album later this year and dropped a pair of new tracks, “Twisted Tongues” and “Escape From Los Angeles.” Davey Havok then confirmed that the album would be called Bodies on a podcast earlier this month, and the band has finally set a release date for it of June 11 (via Rise Records).

In addition, AFI just released two more tracks, “Looking Tragic” and “Begging For Trouble,” as well as a new video for the former. Both tracks will also be included on a limited edition seven-inch ahead of the album release.

“Twisted Tongues”
“Far Too Near”
“On Your Back”
“Escape From Los Angeles”
“Begging For Trouble”
“Back From The Flesh”
“Looking Tragic”
“Death Of The Party”
“No Eyes”
“Tied To A Tree”

AFI Return with New Songs “Twisted Tongues” and “Escape From Los Angeles”

I had an amazing time working with Adam Carson on drum tracks for the new AFI album. We recorded all drums at my studio, Dave’s Room, for these upcoming 2021 releases. We challenged ourselves during these sessions, capturing excellent performances and coming up with unique drum sounds and textures for these songs.

Hears the songs below.

As SPENCER KAUFMAN  of Consequence of Sounds says:

The two new songs mark the veteran California rock act’s first new music since they dropped the five song EP The Missing Man in December 2018. When a new LP arrives, it will be the band’s first since 2017’s AFI (The Blood Album).

“Twisted Tongues” explores AFI’s goth-rock side, while “Escape From Los Angeles” gives off more of a punk vibe — both highlighted by singer Davey Havok’s signature haunting vocals.

“Escape from Los Angeles”, Havok remarked, “Los Angeles, like most of my loves, is imbued with a darkness and radiance. Musically, ‘Escape from Los Angeles’ called for my own vantage to this classic theme of the city’s dichotomous allure.”

WCA #315 with Paul Fig

Photo by Michelle Pullman

Punk rock ethics, handling crashes, mailbox money, managers, and getting out of the chair

Here is my interview with Matt Boudreau for Working Class Audio (WCA).

I had a blast chatting with Matt about coming up in Los Angeles as an engineer, and with the world of recording in and out of the studio.

Alice in Chains Live At MoPop Founders Award 2020

It was my extreme pleasure to oversee the audio recording of Alice in Chains live performance at MoPop for the Founders Award show. Performed and recorded in November, 2020,  with Geoff Ott, I quickly mixed these songs for  for the December 1st Broadcast.

Congratulations to Sean, Jerry, Mike, William as well as Layne Staley and Mike Starr, who are no longer with us, for receiving this very important award.

If you have not seen the whole show watch here

Your Decision live at MoPop 2020
No Excuses Live at MoPop 2020